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The following list entails examples of projects Richter Enterprises has done in recent years. The projects show  innovations in our industry or milestones in our company’s history.


Project 1: High Speed On-Line Stacking of small lites, Richter introduces the fast packing of small glass by accumulating packs with an rotating stacker and arranging those packs on  shipping racks in multiple tiers and rows with a robotic arm

Project 2: Manipulator with Tilting Functionality and weight up to 500 lbs

Project 3: Tin / Air Stacking of Lehr End Sizes on Float Line        Richter Enterprises developed a Robotic Cell stacking Lehr End Sizes directly of the Float Line without the need of a tilting conveyor section                                                             

Project 4: Manipulator at the Take-off on IG-lines, our most popular Vacuum Lifter, 500 lbs and 900 lbs capacity, rotates glass vertically

Project 5: Powder Applicator