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For Fabrication

RICHTER ENTERPRISES CORPORATION develops and manufactures glass plate hoists. Our vacuum lifters are used at Vertical and Horizontal IG Lines, Glazing Operations, Loading and Un-Loading of Printing, Tempering and Laminating Facilities . The manipulators are typically suspended by crane-ways or jib-cranes which are supplied by Richter Enterprises and customized for the work area and applicable capacities.

Insulated Glass Units are taken off vertical fabrication lines with our MIG 500, a glass handling tool with rotating capability to allow for orientation from a portrait to a landscape. Heavy IG units can be taken off by one operator, inspected from every side, and placed on the cart or shipping rack.

The take-off on laminating lines requires manipulators able to tilt from a horizontal position to a vertical position and arrange the heavy products on the autoclave cart. The manipulators with tilting functionality are guided vertically to prevent from swinging .


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