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Technical Background

Each Powder Applicator made by Richter Enterprises is based on 4 main components:


A) Hopper: Holds the powder as a reservoir.

The hopper can hold, depending on the model, 12 or 25 gallons of powder. Refilling can be easily accomplished through the lid on top of the hopper. A fluidising bottom is keeping the powder in a consistent state for metering and feeding. The hopper is equipped with a senor warning the operators in case the powder is running low and re-filling is required. The hopper is made of stainless steel and mounts on casters next to the powder applicator.

B) Metric Powder Feed Pump: is used to feed the separating powder from the hopper to the spray nozzles. Our pumps have been successfully used for all typical powders used in the glass industry, ranging from organic powders like ground nut shells to adipic acid and Lucite beats. Depending on the width and speed of the line one or two pumps are installed. The pumps are deploying the Venturi principle and featuring nozzles for the flow rate of the air and the atomisation of the powder.

The flow rate air lifts fluidised powder from the feed hopper and forces the air-powder-mixture through the feeding tube to the spray nozzles. Atomising air dilutes and atomises the powder stream as it exits the pump.

C) Nozzles are mounted on the spray-bar across the line and together they comprise the application module of the powder sprayer. The spray-bar is positioned above the glass across the line and distributes the powder evenly onto the surface of the glass.


D) Controls: serving for an automatic start / stop of the powder at the leading / trailing edge of the glass.


Options: Automatic adjustment of the amount of powder per square foot of glass at different line speeds

                  Different values of powder can be set for different products and switched at the push of a button

                  The start / stop time can be set at the control panel to optimise any over spray at the leading / trailing edge