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Specifications and Documentation

RICHTER ENTERPRISES CORPORATION provides 2 principal  families  of manipulators: battery powered Suction Cup  Frames for  mobile applications and stationary workplace manipulators, suspended by JIB or Gantry Stile Cranes.


The picture shows our battery powered vacuum cups used at a installation of  a glass building envelop.

The suction cups are also used for the installation of larger solar panels on roofs. A motorized tilting mechanism places the panel in the desired angle at the push of a button and holds it in place for easy installation.

A solar panel can be  installed at any inclination of the roof or mounting frame.

Easy pick-up of panels from a horizontal or vertical shipping container.

Workstation Manipulators apply an pneumatic cylinder for hoisting and are typically suspended off JIB or Gantry Stile  Crane Ways.


The picture shows a manipulator at the end of an IG-line.

Documentation / Specification of Workstation Glass Hoists


Documentation  / Specification

Battery Powered Suction Frame