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Specifications and Documentation

This Suction Frame is designed for the use with Glass or Polished Stone like Granite or Marble   The capacity is  up to  1200 lbs . Use with 4 suction pads for up to 1000 lbs or with 6 suction pads for full capacity. A battery and a charger are integrated  into the machine and  the  vacuum is generated by the  maintenance  free pump.



Safe Working Load:  600 kg (1200 lbs)


Suction Cups:   6 x 12”, 4 extensions are provided

Vacuum Generation:  Vacuum Pump 12 V DC

Battery:   12 V / 7.2 Ah

Capacity of battery:   approximate 150 times pick up of load

Charger of battery: incorporated into machine

Safety Device:   visual indicator of vacuum level

Automatic start / stop of vacuum pump depending on vacuum level


Own Weight:   120 lbs


Standard Colour:  silver